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My Holiday Travel Journey Begins

Travel…I would probably do it for a living if I could. Then again, most of my professional career as a consultant has had airplanes and hotels involved. No, there is something deeper to travel – when you start to crave it – start to need it, start to wonder what to do with yourself when you are not doing it…

So it came to a bit of a surprise to me a few weeks ago when I was reminded (conveniently by me) how long it had been since I had taken a trip where I needed my passport. Sure, I had been back and forth between San Francisco and New York PLENTY of times – plus lots of trips to hotspots like Charlottesville, VA and Newark, DE. But last month, when reminded of my 3-year anniversary of leaving what was supposed to be my “career defining job – or CDJ” (more on that another time), it really hit me. Six months before I left the CDJ, the company brought in post office representatives to assist employees who traveled a lot in renewing (or heaven forbid getting) their passport. I happily renewed my passport and immediately started dreaming of where I could go. Right…

Needless to say, in the last 3 1/2 years, the only time I have used my passport was for a Sherry certification course in Vancouver – as in Canada – as in – DOES NOT COUNT.

What was happening to me? Was I becoming one of “those people” who I make fun of? I had to take a long look in the mirror and remind myself of who I was and why I loved to travel. I have worked and lived in many cities all over the world, and the fact that I have not been overseas in over 4 years made my stomach turn.

So, computer and credit card in hand – I made the leap…the leap to go where I have never been…the leap for a new experience.

Where will I be going? Stay tuned…


1 thought on “My Holiday Travel Journey Begins”

  1. Hola ratón,

    Nice blog, and nice to have you online. Just to tell you that Wendy and I were in Jerez last week and went to visit your cousins in González-Byass… copita, ladder and camera ready, but they decided to stay-in (under their favorite very old Palo Cortado Solera)… and right they were as it was pouring down with rain the way it only pours down in Southern Spain, no day to go out!

    I am waiting to read about your experiences (or anybody else’s) in China and Taiwan as we are traveling to Shanghai, Hong Kong and Taipei in 3 weeks. It will be our first visit to Asia and we have everything to learn!

    Cuídate, un abrazo,


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